General Campus Rule

Working Hours:

The working hours of the institute are 9 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. for five days in a week.

Institute Regulations:

1. Every Student must always carry his/her identity card which will be supplied by the Institute office on payment.
2. The students must not absent themselves from any Institute activity without the prior permission of the Principal.
3. The Institute may take disciplinary action against a student whose conduct is not satisfactory and the fees paid will be forfeited.
4. Smoking & Drinking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Institute.
5. No student should communicate any information or write about matters dealing with Institute administration in the press.
6. Absence without leave is considered a breach of discipline.
7. The Institute authorities cannot accept any liability in respect of any accident caused to a student while engaged in practical work or due to any other causes.
8. Any change of address should be immediately notified for Institute’s records.
9. Student will detained due to non payment of fees in time. Late fee shall be imposed on payment of fees after due date.
10. All examination form should be filled up by students online/offline for all exam and Institute will not liable if a students do not comply the order issued by NCHMCT and IGNOU.
Uniform as prescribed for each discipline is compulsory for each student.