A. General Classroom Uniforms:

For Boys
I) Black Suit (Coat Single Breast, WaistCoat and Trousers)
II) White full sleeves Shirt
III) Black Tie (narrow)
IV) Two pairs of black socks
V) Two pairs of black leather shoes (with laces)
VI) Black leather belt

For Girls
I) Black Suit (Coat Single Breast, Waist Coat and Trousers)
II) Black Skirt (Below knee level, body fitting, midi type)
III) White full sleeved blouse with collar
IV) Black bow tie (to be made with black thin ribbon)
V) Black stockings
VI) Black leather ladies shoes (no high heels)

B. Lab Uniformd and Practial Tools (For boys and Girls):

I) Food Production Black & White and thin checked trousers, White Chef Coat and Chef Cap and checked neck scarf (1st Year Yellow, 2nd Year Blue, 3rd Year Green and Diploma Red). White Apron and Glass cloth (4pcs), Professional Kitchen Chef set consisting of Meat Cleaver, Vegetable Knife, Peeling Knife,Potato Peeler, Scoop, Pallet Knife, Balloon Whisk and Piping Bag with nozzle.
II) F&B Service Black Bow Tie (thin) 1 pc, Waist Coat, White Denmark Napkin (size 30”x20” each, 2 pairs Cotton Gloves, Bottle Opener, Wine Opener.
III) Front Office Calculator, Note Pad, Pen, Pencil, Coloured Chart Paper, Stapler, Graph Paper etc.
IV) House Keeping Girls: White Salwar Kameez, White Full Apron Boys: White Pants, White Shirt, White Full Apron