Hostel Admission

Any student wishing to stay in the hostel will require to get approval from the Institute by filling up the Hostel Admission Form and deposit of requisite amount of fees. Once the student is admitted to the hostel, he should abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel.

Hostel Rules and Regulations 

Indiscipline and violation of hostel rules will lead to expulsion from the hostel and forfeiture of hostel fees and security deposit.
Visitors are not permitted in the hostel.
Any money which boarders may bring with them must be deposited with the Accounts/ Hostel Superintendent / Warden. Parents are requested not to give excess money to their wards.
In case of illness, every possible care is taken. When a boarder is admitted into the hospital, parents are informed at the earliest. However should the situation so warrant that the child be taken to the hospital, the Institute will do so even before the parents can be informed.
All boarders are to bring their own clothes, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, buckets etc. for their personal use.
Hostel Fees, Mess Fees should be paid on time to avoid expulsion from the hostel.
Electrical and electronic equipments are not allowed inside the hostel (except laptops).
Each meal should be taken within the scheduled time.
Night halts outside the hostel without permission is an offence.
Boarders are not allowed to keep guests/ friends inside the rooms without the permission of the warden.

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